Video transcoding

Compress and encrypt your videos cheaper, easier, Greener.

Our solution

Transcoding as a Service

Try our free plan, then pay as you go.
Push your videos, we handle the rest.


Reduce by 30% your video OPEX.
Save money along energy consumption.


Blazing fast and keeping the highest visual fidelity from the source video.

Intuitive UI

No-code workflow with pre-configs,
or make your own video flow.


-80% emitted carbon based on green sources and 95% of CPU's heat reused.


Track your tasks and energy consumption on your web dashboard.

Green contribution

Get more involved with carbon compensation.

Made in France

Our IT is french and GAFAM free,
avoiding Cloud and Patriot Acts.

Sustainability is today’s focus


  • Of the numerical energy consumption comes from online videos. Transcoding is mandatory but very energy-eating.


  • Increasing demands of online video per year. Online videos will aborb 90% of the whole internet bandwidth at mid-2022.


  • Of the french companies care of sustainable objectives to boost their activities and make the difference.

Our pipeline

A transcoding & encryption
service on demand

1. Use our SDK or UI to upload yours files on our 100% french cloud

2. Our transcoding process take care of your demand

3. We deliver your videos on Drive, a S3 bucket or directly on your CDN


From the ground to the cloud

► Our whole infrastucture is exclusively based on sustainable datacenters

► 95% of the transcoding fatal-heat is used to warm in-house boiler, reducing about 80% of the total carbon-footprint

► Get more involved into carbon neutrality by compensating your usages

► We daily improve the way videos are transcoded: reducing the size, not the quality

User Interface

Configure and monitor your video workflow

► An intelligible and collaborative web-interface to easily set your own video transformation pipeline

► Use our preconfigured setups or deep dive into your own ffmpeg config

Monitor in live your worflow usage, from encoding to delivery

Your key benefits

Externalize your transcoding process

and stay focus on what you do best: content and analytics.

Reduce your streaming and storage costs thanks to our energy-efficient infrastucture.

Workflow has never be so fast to handle. Gain in productivity and reliability.

Keep your movies as authentic as possible with the highest quality/size ratio.

Compensate your physical copies (DVD or BluRay Disc) with the lowest-carbon transcoding platform.

Do you have a specific need? A whole catalogue to encode?

We will be pleased to help you. Let's talk!

Propulse your video within minutes.

Our distributed architecture will encode any of your video blazing fastly.

Security matters especially for your business. Encrypt and take control of your content.

    Obtain a better retainment of your viewers. Up to 25% of viewer won't stay if video quality is not good enough.

Our Mighty Team

Valentin Macheret


Basile Collard


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