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Paris / Remote - As soon as possible

About us

The team

We are currently two engineers, Valentin and Basile, working on every side of the business in Paris. We spent more than a year developing codecs and we now want to use our knowledge to build the best transcoding cloud option for customers. We are now surrounded by experts in every field of the business.

Be part of an incredible adventure

If you share our mission of making video streaming more sustainable, you are what we are looking for. The road is long and filled with obstacles, but we are determined to overcome any problem ahead of us.

We look for curiosity more than expertise

We believe anyone can learn anything if the will is strong enough. Being an expert might be a plus, but in order to revolutionize any business we need to have the right mix of critical thinking, hindsight and optimism.

Your job

Develop the business

Find new business opportunities

We are open to any type of collaboration

If you prefer to become an active freelancer dedicated to the project, an employee, an employee with shares or even in exceptional cases become a co-founder with us, we will adapt to your situation. Whatever works the best for you.

Remote work is something we are familiar with and open to.